What is Sending and Receiving (What are diamonds) Bigo Live

Sending and Receiving is basically the main theme of earning on bigo live. If some one is broadcasting then viewers are allowed to send gifts to that broadcaster for support.

There are many gifts in live rooms, every gift have a price in amount of diamonds. The most famous gifts are Mace, Lucky stars, Family shield and super dragon.


You have to purchase diamonds from your wallet>Diamonds. Diamonds have worth of different combinations, like .99 USD you will got 33 Diamonds. 5USD you will get 243 Diamonds. 10USD you will get 510 Diamonds. 50USD you will get 2635 Diamonds. 100 USD you will get 5300 diamonds. 250USD you will get 13300 diamonds. 500USD you will get 26680 diamonds.

You Can purchase diamonds through app>wallet>Diamonds, also you can recharge in your account through online link: CLICK HERE

You can also Get Diamonds through conversion method, in which you can convert your beans to diamonds. You can convert 8 beans to 2 diamonds. 80 beans to 22 diamonds. 800 beans to 225 diamonds. 2800 beans to 800 diamonds. 9800 beans to 2850 diamonds.

Want to Check All Details About BIGO LIVE EARNING CLICK HERE


Every Diamond which is received on a broadcasting room will be saved as 1 bean. As mentioned above beans can be converted to diamonds. Also beans can be cashed out. 210 beans is equal to 1 Dollar. Minimum cash out is 6700 beans from bigo. For cash out you must add a verified Payoneer account. These dollars will be converted to dollar in your payoneer account and then these dollars can be converted to your country attached local bank account in your local currency.

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