What is Recruiting and Hosting in Bigo Live

Bigo Hosting is basically Going live in video broadcast. In that Broadcast Viewers can support you in shape of gifting. These gifts worth of Diamonds. Diamonds can be purchased through online shopping. These collected diamond in shape of beans can be converted to Payoneer in dollars. From Payoneer these dollar can be transferred to your country local bank currency.

Bigo hosting is profit services from bigo. If a host is only collecting diamonds in shape of bean to convert, that’s up to host but bigo is offering some terms described below

  • Complete 40 Hours live time in a month
  • Active live days must be 15 in a month
  • And minimum collection of beans must be 20,000

Then Bigo Official will rewards you 65% of your collected beans for cash out also. In that 65 percent your recruiting will get 10% of beans for his/her services.

40 Hours15 Days20k65%-10%11000 Beans
40 Hours15 Days50k65%-10%27500 Beans
40 Hours15 Days100k65%-10%55000 Beans
40 Hours15 Days200k65%-10%110000 Beans
40 Hours15 Days500k65%-10%275000 Beans

On collecting 200k on more than 200k Host will be rewarded 21000 Beans as S-Level Reward. In hosting host must play official events also for example Official Pks and Official live houses. For playing and winning these events host will be rewarded also in shape of beans(Cash-able) and beans(Non Cash-able), also host can be rewarded with hot live event.

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What is Bigo Recruiter:

Bigo recruiter is basically the person who must arrange events for host, manage host’s problems, transfer host’s queries to administration. A bigo recruiter must taken a clean interview of host to forward to administration for approval of live data in host ID. In interview recruiting must record some points

  • Host is living in referenced country
  • Host name
  • Date and Time
  • Host is agreed in hosting and completing targets
  • Host must mention recruiter name and family number for hosting
  • Recruiter must clear all terms of hosting in front of host

A recruiter must have 5 active host per month and also must provide 1 new host every month to get his salary/beans. If a host is not getting target of 1 Million continuously 6 months, he/she will get a warning of cancellation from bigo.

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