PUBG Mobile New Era Announcement 24 Aug So What is Expected

Expect a big announcement from PUBG on August 24 as the gaming company has teased a “New Era for PUBG Mobile” on Twitter. Through a tweet, PUBG asked players to join in the live stream which will be available on YoutubeFacebook at 7 PM IST.

The declaration will be finished by the game engineers. It is normal that the declaration will be about the new Erangel Map which is right now accessible in the beta adaptation of the fight royale class game.

It is additionally conceivable that the declaration can be about an up and coming eSports competition. In any case, there is no affirmation about the likely competition aside from the report on their Facebook page.

Erangel 2.0 remembered changes for building structures and augmentations, for example, channels, wooden blockades, and surrendered tanks. The refreshed guide was made accessible for Android clients a couple of days prior. The beta form likewise incorporated a couple of stylish changes included Ultra HD designs, bug changes, and so forth. In any case, the steady form will incorporate highlights that will function true to form, in contrast to the beta rendition.

Prior in August, Tencent Games delivered another update for PUBG Mobile bringing another Ancient Secret Mode. The update highlighted an old human advancement topic, getting new game occasions and rewards. Within the new mode, players will be battling a mysterious supervisor fixed in a room situated on the subsequent floor. Players can likewise cross little demolishes that produce haphazardly all through the new guide. They can likewise try out their legitimacy with another intuitive Ancient Slate puzzle.

PUBG Mobile has prodded “Another Era for PUBG Mobile” on Twitter, the declaration for which will be made on August 24. The engineers will make the declaration on YouTube and Facebook through a livestream. While the designers have not uncovered what the declaration will be about, it is required to be an update that brings the exceptionally foreseen redid Erangel map. Now, we can just guess what the declaration, which will begin at 7pm IST, will bring.

The tweet by PUBG Mobile’s legitimate Twitter handle welcomes players to be available for the declaration of “Another Era for PUBG MOBILE!” that will occur on August 24 at 7pm in India. The designers will share the declaration by means of a computerized occasion that will be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook. While the tweet doesn’t specify what the declaration will be about, it is accepted that the redid Erangel guide will be reported for the steady form of the game. The guide is right now playable in the beta form of PUBG Mobile.

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