Is there any way to get free diamonds in Bigo Live

Is there any way to get free Diamond in Bigo Live

Simple and Clear answer is “NO”

Because Bigo have to return cash on beans conversion

So how they will make any free option of getting diamonds.

Bigo is not providing any free diamonds or offer to get free diamonds. If someone is telling you that there is any option to get free diamonds then its only a Fun/Fraud/lie.

Bigo Official website and purchasing domain have HTTPS URL that mean bigo is using secure connection for every purchasing and reward cashing. If a company and organisation have a huge amount of monthly selling and huge amount of employees in shape of Hosts who are getting paid monthly then these developer are making secure there application also.

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There is no option of hacking diamonds and bigo is not providing any offer of free diamonds, because a purchase diamond is to be sended in any live broadcast in shape of gift. And that collected bean can be converted to cash, so if bigo have to pay for beans(collected diamonds) then they have not any option of free diamond. If someone is offering you free diamonds or low cost diamonds that mean he/she is fooling you. You must be aware of these peoples and must report these peoples at urgently.

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