How to be a Recruiter on Bigo Live How to Earn Be a Recruiter on Bigo Live

Enlistment alludes to the general procedure of drawing in, shortlisting, choosing and selecting reasonable contender for occupations inside an association. Enlistment can likewise allude to forms engaged with picking people for paid jobs.

In Bigo Recruiter is a person who recruits a host. Responsibility of an recruiter is to deal up with and host and bigo admin relationship. Recruiter have to train a host according to nature of application, to aware a host properly against that application. No Doubt recruiters in Asia are useless they also haven’t proper knowledge about the application but a recruiter must be aware of every entity of app and must secure his/her host in any case of bigo live. A recruiter arranges official rewarded events for host, manage host’s queries while broadcasting. Recruiter get 10 percent of official salary in host’s monthly reward.

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A recruiter have to complete there basic monthly targets to be a live recruiter. First of all recruiter have to provide a genuine source of hosts and active hosts. For first time recruiter must provide minimum 5 hosts interview and must provide minimum 0.5 Million business to be alive for next month in probation period. For every next month recruiter must provide 3 new host and minimum hosts who are achieving targets must be 5. Either Recruiter will not get rewarded salary from bigo. Recruiter also get more rewards like, A level hosts reward, S level SS level SSS Level reward, 1 Million, 2 Million reward, target Rewards, Beans reward to send there hosts ETC.

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