Bigo Live Introduction What is Bigo Live

Bigo live is basically an online streaming application. There are many live streaming applications like MICO, Streamkar, IMO, LIKEE but bigo live is top 1 Streaming application. Reason of being top is this application have fast processing and peoples are using bigo live more than these other applications.

If you want to check worlwide ranking of Bigo live then click here on BIGO LIVE RANKING. Alexa ranking of bigo live is greater than other applications also.

To Check What is basic functions of Bigo live and how these functions work Just Click on any of the Following term you want to know about.

Bigo Live Application (How to use)

What is Sending and Receiving (What are diamonds)

How to Earn with Bigo Live

What is Recruiting and Hosting

How to be a Recruiter

Bigo Administration and Feedback Team

Bigo Official Jobs

Fake/Fraud Users in Bigo Live

Is there any way to get free diamonds in Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live spilling stage, where clients can impart live minutes to devotees. It is possessed by a Singapore-based organization called BIGO Technology which was established in 2014. The fellow benefactors of Bigo Live are David Li and Jason Hu. David Li was a columnist preceding entering the innovation business and Jason Hu had worked for some innovation mammoths before the production of BIGO Technology. In 2019, BIGO Technology was gained by NASDAQ-Listed organization, JOYY Inc. BIGO Technology has created exclusive Artificial Intelligence that is coordinated into the application. The AI highlights are utilized to improve client commitment and experience during live gushing. Watchers can bolster their preferred supporters with in-application blessings. BIGO LIVE is a main live spilling network to show your gifts and make companions from all around the globe. Go back and forth! Bigo Live permits you to live-stream your preferred minutes, and make companions from all around the globe. We empower individuals to exhibit their ability, find, and remain associated in a positive, sound, and innovative way. We have more than 200 million clients around the globe. BIGO LIVE Lite is the pocket-sized form of BIGO LIVE. It’s littler in size however the entirety of your preferred highlights still accessible, so you could appreciate a slack free live video.

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