Bigo Live Application (How to use)

Its a broadcasting application. Which is available for ANDROID, IPHONE & LAPTOP Also.

Download for Android: Click Here

Download For Iphone: Click Here

Download For PC Connector: Click Here

Bigo Live is basically an application to go live for Single Video, Multi Video, Multi Audio and Gaming Broadcast.

Single Video Broadcasting: Its Basically to be live in front of cam or be live behind the cam. In this type of broadcast you got option of playing PKS and receiving. This type of broadcast have option to enter in live house also. In single Broadcasting a broadcaster can take 2 users on video/audio call at same time. Single Broadcast time is counted in hosting targets only.

Multi Video Broadcasting: In multi video broadcasting, broadcaster have option to have 5 seats or 8 seats. Broadcaster will have to in front of cam or can use back cam. Joining users can have video call or audio call(Swiping is optional). Diamonds Sending and receiving is also available on multi video broadcasting. Multi video broadcast timing is not countable for hosting.

Multi Audio Broadcasting: In multi audio broadcasting an broadcaster can go live while having fixed 8 seat but only audio. Every Joining person can have only audio call option. In this broadcast all seats user and broadcaster have diamonds sending and receiving option. Multi Audio broadcast timing is not countable for hosting.

Gaming Broadcasting: For Gaming broad cast there are 2 options. First to go live with only mobile while steaming your mobile screen. 2nd Option is to go live while streaming through your laptop.

Note: For Streaming through laptop You must use Bigo Connector.

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