Bigo Live Earning is Secured or Not Complete Technical Report

Technically Bigo Live is Proving that bigo live earning is secured and no doubt they have SSL certificates etc, But its too costly for a sender and collector and also some official scams also in this platform

Bigo live is trying to present a online broadcast earning platform while they are only a money transferring organisation. Bigo live earning is technically secured but its un safe and also too costly. In this post we will discuss that how its costly.

Bigo Pakistan Is Facing Many Critical Conditions In Pakistan Due to Pakistani Bigo Administration. So, Do Bigo Live have any option to survive in Pakistan? We are Going to analyze Here

Technical Condition of Bigo Live Application

Professional/Non-Professional Condition of Bigo Live

Developers & Expert’s Saying & Suggestions


Till June 2020 Its was very nice and fluent condition of bigo live. Because no one was monitoring technical and cyber conditions of Bigo Live. And Professionally and Non Professionally, Or Legally or Non Legally Bigo was an source of Money transferring worldwide with a great percentage of cuttings.

Yeah You get this totally right “MONEY TRANSFERRING SOURCE”. Let Me Elaborate this for you, Normally Admins, Recruiters, Hosts and Users of Bigo Live will say that bigo live is a platform for hosting and money earning. But technically its only a the most costly MONEY TRANSFERRING SOURCE.


Normal Money Transferring is simple and user friendly. In which PERSON 1 will use his/her P1 Account and Through BANK he/she will transfer money to P2 Account and PERSON 2 will Cash it out and BANK will no charge you for this transaction. Majorly if a bank charge you then they will charge you maximum 2 or 3 percent only. SIMPLE? Now see the method of Bigo Live transaction

That is the chart for bigo money transferring. And Just bigo is creating that much confusion for a normal human mind their charges for money transaction is as below


Thats Mean Bigo Money transferring is charging 77.4 Percent Profit from a person on transaction.


Till June 2020 Peoples wasn’t Aware of that much loss and 2ndly 1 Main country India was providing a large number of traffic(viewers) to Bigo Live. Also India and Pakistan was providing a large number or Hosts and Senders also. Till that time bigo was on peak and trending With Worldwide Alexa Ranking of 10784 and at that time country wise alexa was performing in India. The border tensions in 2020 between India and China might have also played a role in the ban of BIGO LIVE in India. Bigo Live lost a lost of viewers and Host(Earning) because of India.

Bigo Pakistan started adding Showbiz stars like Mathira, Nasir Chinyoti and a large number of models and stage actors. Also Pakistani Bigo started Adding Pakistani Cricketers on Bigo. These stars and cricketers joined bigo just because of Lock Down of COVID-19. They Broken the chain of normal hosts and senders also and bigo pakistan get trending to national level because of celebrities. In July 2020 PTA Taken a clean and positive action of banning Bigo in Pakistan because of Vulgarity, Islamic and Technical Issues. Also Bigo was leading New generation on a bad line so PTA Action was good for nation. After accepting PTA Terms Bigo Live get a new Life in Pakistan.

But Because of these 2 major Drops in Bigo Live life now technical reports are mention as under


1.75K Down



Daily Page views per visitor down almost 7 percent and Daily time on site/app of a visitor get down to almost 50 percent.

These reports are technical and verified.


Professionally Hosts and Recruiters were thinking that bigo is a secure place for them to earn money. There future and economical life is purely secure on bigo. But after these ban shots Many of professional hosts lefts bigo also bigo recruiters are trying to do some other work. Because of that much Hosts and Reruiters loss Bigo Pakistan is offering again to be a recruiter. Because Bigo want Recruiters and hosts back but bigo Pakistan administration is Offering with too much terms to be a recruiter. I think Bigo must request at the moment, provide some offers to hosts and recruiters must stay on bigo.

Non Professionally Visitor and senders were on bigo just because of Hosts and these hosts are leaving bigo then why Senders and viewers will stay on Bigo Pakistan.


Because of top trending broadcasting application, Bigo was in discussions of many developers and experts. But If an Application or website is doing that much business and have that much force they much clear all cyber and local terms according to country and law.

According to Sam (DEVELOPER):

“A Website Must Provide Services For Survival in Critical Conditions. Bigo Must Provide Some Offer-able and Comfortable Service to there Old Traffic(Hosts) To get Back. Might Bigo Get there Ranking Again through Old Traffic and Must Build there trust again for New Traffic, Either A Non Trusty Name Never Get Achievements.”

According to Mue-Bell LARA (BLACK HAT DEVELOPER):

“If an Application is going on a wrong track and thinking that application is going to be trending. And at that time you got kicks, that mean you were thinking wrong. Just Get back to old track As Soon as Possible. Either Some One Else will get that track.”

Critics Saying:

Translated from viewers/hosts recordings and Urdu Articles “Bigo Must Not Think That They Are Implementing these much irrelevant terms and they will make a place of Celebrities+Normal Host. They will have only celebrities till LOCKDOWN and we will leave 1 by 1.”

“Bigo Pakistan Admins are trying to show that they are GOD, and thats wrong. Terms of Bigo must applied on every visitor/viewer/host Equally. not according to there taste. They are applying Celebrities terms Also They are Applying Normal Host Terms and Also these terms which they want only because they have power to do so. These terms are not mentioned in Bigo either.”

Some Of Recruiters Have Same Sentence:

We are Not translating that sentence because its effective in Pakistani Language “Bigo Farigh Ho Chuki Hay”


These Sayings and suggestions are from Visitors Hosts Recruiters. Mean Totally these are the original Traffic of bigo. So Bigo Administration Must think according to

  • Host’s Mind
  • Recruiter’s Mind
  • Visitor’s Mind

NOTE: All Data and Information is Collected From Official Website of Analysis. Critics and Sayings are provided from bigo users and collected on bigo. Nothing is personal and do not have any personal suggestion or criticism from Mobiles and Laptops.

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